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Qi Changsheng saw that the prince had not gone out for a long time, so he had to urge him again. Yu Wanqiu also helped to urge him, and finally sent him out of the bedroom. Before she left, she agreed that she would wait for him tonight. Aunt Lan waited for them all to leave before she went to the girl's room. Sitting in front of the bed, she frowned and asked, "Girl, was it already.." "No." "No?" "Well, no." Yu Wanqiu's voice is getting lower and lower, because she herself feels that there is no confidence in saying this, just did not do the last step, her whole body, which place has not been gnawed by him? Is she still a virgin like this? But Aunt Lan became happy and said, "The prince is a man of conscience. He knows that he is in danger and is afraid of missing the girl for life, so he restrains himself. He is really a good man." Yu Wanqiu also knew that the prince's road to the capital was worrying, and she had already planned to follow, but the prince let her go. Although she did not expect it, she did not feel lucky, but her heart was heavier. Fan Volume Chapter 114 Lost News. Chapter 114 loss of news. After a night of rain, the weather was fine the next day. Yu Wanqiu is afraid of being laughed at. Early in the morning, she got up as usual and looked at the flower seedlings she had just planted in the yard. Some of them had been killed by the torrential rain, while others were growing stronger and stronger,water bottle packaging machine, and their leaves were particularly tender and lovely. The place where Zhao Youxi hit the mechanism by mistake was also washed away by the heavy rain without leaving any trace. If it were not for the bruises on her body, she would still think that everything she experienced yesterday was just a dream. Looking up, the sky is clear, the air is fresh, except for a little sleep-deprived tiredness, and a few parts of the body are sucked excessively, rubbing clothes will produce a sense of tenderness, the rest are all right. Just after breakfast,plastic bottle making machine, Zhao Youxi's flying pigeon came, and then several times a day, the poor pigeon was afraid to be exhausted again. The first letter, he said, he arrived safely, do not read. Let her rest and wait. The second letter, he said, he slept to get up, let the person again on the medicine, the wound did not fester, let her not worry. In the third letter, he said, "I miss you very much. When I come back from Beijing, we will get married.". Yu Wanqiu blushed on the spot. It was the first time since they knew each other that he had clearly expressed his feelings, but not "I like you", Vegetable oil filling machine ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, "I love you", "Will you marry me?" Instead, he announced, "When I come back, we will get married." She wants to ask to go to his face: "Come on, you did not ask to kiss, become what kiss?"? Did I say I would marry you? Aunt Lan saw the girl staring at the prince's letter in a daze, and the expression on her face was very rich. She couldn't help asking, "What did the prince say?" Yu Wanqiu was thinking about the contents of the letter in a trance. He didn't pay attention to it for a moment. He answered casually, "He said that when he came to Beijing, we would.." The last two words were quickly swallowed back. Aunt Lan had already understood and was overjoyed. "I'll marry you, won't I?" "Well!" To his own wet nurse. She doesn't have to stick it to the end. Auntie Lan stood up and crouched down. "Congratulations, Miss. No, congratulations, Princess!" She said with a smile. Yu Wanqiu was almost ashamed to death by her. She jumped up from her chair and stepped back to her room. "Don't talk nonsense. If you want people to hear this, I have no face to be a man." Aunt Lan smiled and went in. "That's a good thing. There's nothing to be embarrassed about." Yu Wanqiu pushed the excited wet nurse to a chair and sat down. With a serious expression and a solemn tone, she said, "I regret it very much. I shouldn't have told you this quickly. I don't know what will happen in the future.". Now that you know, be sure to keep this secret for me, even if the four girls come back, don't say, just you know and I know, okay? Aunt Lan immediately said, "Don't worry, I'm not that confused.". It's because there are only two of us here that I dare to say that there are other people. Promise not to mention it. Er, now that you have passed the Ming Road here, those girls will send someone to pick you up tomorrow, so that you can be served.
” Yu Wanqiu had originally planned to do the same, but now she hesitated, because she remembered Qi Changsheng's words to the prince: "The imperial concubine is still in Nanfu. If the news of the girl reaches her ears, there are only a few subordinates. I'm afraid I can't protect the girl thoroughly." Qi Changsheng is a member of the palace, and he must have a good understanding of the style of several masters in the palace. Even the prince would hold back his desire to recognize her. It can be seen that it is not just alarmist talk. The toffee is probably a terrible person. It is said that the old prince died in his thirties-some people say that he was assassinated-and the current prince was absurd and capricious when he was young. He played with women all day and basically did nothing. It was the toffee who supported the family and made the Annam Palace go through the most difficult years. It was not until the prince was born and Wang Ye began to take care of his daily affairs that the Annam Palace became prosperous again. The more she thought about it, the more worried she became. Yu Wanqiu did not dare to pick up anyone casually. She said to Aunt Lan, "Let's wait a few more days. We can't just pick it up at one time, for fear of arousing the suspicion of the toffee.". You go and call Qi Changsheng, and I'll discuss it with him. Qi Changsheng soon came. After listening to Yu Wanqiu's idea, Qi Changsheng also said, "The girl is right to worry. Be careful to sail for ten thousand years." Yu Wanqiu smiled at him and said, "I have an idea.". I don't know if it will work. Qi Changsheng handed his hand and said, "Please speak, girl." Yu Wanqiu said, "They were sent by the prince. As the maid of the prince's deceased confidante, they must be very sensitive in Bie yuan. People pay attention to their every move.". Now that the prince is not here, if someone in the other garden bullies them, they will resign in tears and say they want to go home. Do you think that's all right? Qi Changsheng nodded: "You can try, but this'bully 'is not easy to find." Yu Wanqiu said slowly, "There are many capable people under the prince. Some pretend to be ghosts in the middle of the night,CSD filling line, and some plant evidence easily.". Ah, I'm sorry. Don't get me wrong. I do think that such a person is also a rare talent. Therefore, it should not be difficult to find a few people who will'bully 'the girl in Lanyue Villa. 。 gzxilinear.com