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Powerful minister's ex-husband after blackening [w - Posted By Soto (soto2477) on 19th Dec 22 at 12:32am
The woman smiled instead: "Coincidentally, I also am to beg safe amulet, also be not urgent." Xu smiled and kept a little alert to the goodwill she released. The woman added, "Actually, I don't know the young lady, but I feel a little familiar with you when I see you. I feel like old friends at first sight. I think it's fate.". It's better to go together. Xu accepted with a smile. Strange to say, just now the two sides were fighting like black-eyed chickens, and in a twinkling of an eye they seemed to shake hands and make peace. The woman pulled her in like a chatterbox all the way. Now is to fight the western regions, is to fight the rebels, very turbulent. Many people in the court are here to ask for a peace charm. Is that why you came? Xu Rushi nodded his head carelessly, took the amulet and went out to part ways with the woman, but he heard her say in a lonely voice, "In fact, I am rich all over the world, and I have a lot of talented people. A man can only die in a hundred battles.". But always want to find he to borrow soldiers to borrow food, also do not know what to take this time to return.. As soon as Xu Rushi heard what she said, he instantly remembered several European-style faces he had seen, presumably the envoys of Huihe to Chang'an. She listened in silence and separated from her. Not far away, she heard the one who was scolding her servant. Her voice was loud: "Bold fanatic, my wife is the Princess of Song!"! Don't allow you to offend. Chapter 25 old stories. Princess Song? King Song is.. Xu Yu. Xu Rushi suddenly reacted, and the rich girl was clearly Bao. In the book, Bao is gentle and virtuous, showing mercy everywhere, so everyone loves her,smart board touch screen, and the people who are fascinated include but are not limited to the cannon fodder male cousin Qi Xingjian, Qi Xingjian's passer-by Jiacong brother, Song Wang Xu Yu, Xu Shuo, a number of rebel generals, a number of Uighur generals, but now the plot has been changed like this, she has not experienced chaos, raised in the boudoir,65 inch touch screen, and does not seem to have become as black as in the book. Be sure to climb to the throne of queen. All the way to get married safely, but also to cause trouble? "Ah." Don't get me wrong. The leader seemed to have taken several steps back, his voice was dry, and his elegant voice in Luoyang was not very pure, but his tone was full of twists and turns. He was not very tall. He raised his head and looked at her from afar through a crowd of servants who were surrounded by Bao. "I came to Chang'an to ask for marriage from the Lord of the Zhou Dynasty.". Even if you.. His words, obviously did not listen to the words that the maidservant shouted, Princess Song Wang. The maidservant was so angry that her face turned blue. Xu Rushi sounded like he knew there was gossip in it. On the one hand, he felt itchy, and on the other hand, he was a little afraid of being influenced by Bao. He was not going, nor was he not going. Bao Wei appeared to be calmer and directly interrupted what he had not finished saying: "Don't make a noise. Brother Fu Luo is my old friend.". Brother Fu Luo, the last time I left Longxi, I was all right. When you come to Chang'an, I don't know why you should be entertained, but now that you are a woman, there are many inconveniences. Please forgive me, 4k smart board ,interactive boards for classrooms, brother Luo. My husband likes to make friends with such a hero as Brother Fu Luo. If you don't abandon him, you can come to the mansion to drink with my king. As soon as she said this, it was as hard as the maid's words, which hurt the heart of the princess of the King of Song. One has been a woman, but also please forgive me, my husband, this is said. It's not a big deal for Xu Rushi to watch the scene of bustle, but it hurts to cut the flesh with a soft knife. It's kind of interesting. Fu Luo Huaiyi looked at her in disbelief, as if a little hurt: "Ah-you used to..." In the past, when he worked with Qi Xingjian, she clearly favored him. Although she did not make it clear, he thought she should understand that after helping Dazhou suppress the rebellion, he would go back and marry her according to the customs of the Zhou people. Why did she get married? Bao was so annoyed that he hardly wanted to greet him. After the war, the Huihe people always threatened the imperial court to ask for gold and silk treasures, and after capturing Luoyang, they burned, killed and looted. She didn't like the Huihe people very much, but at that time, the imperial court had been happy in Nanshan for many years, and they were afraid of the rebels, so they borrowed Huihe's military forces. My cousin wants to work with them, and she can't offend them and make my cousin tired. Auntie, I The first time I came back, I didn't know where the puppet show was the best. Didn't you say you would take me to have a look? As soon as Bao looked up, the young lady looked at her with a smile. She felt some gratitude in her heart and said, "I'm coming.".
” Then he said to Fu Luo, "Excuse me, brother Fu Luo." "It doesn't matter.". You're busy, you're busy. Fu Luo Huaiyi smiled shyly and looked at Xu Rushi with displeasure in his eyes, but Xu Rushi did not look at him and walked away without looking back. The performer holding the puppet show flies like the wind, and countless filaments pull the delicate puppet forward and backward, as flexible as a real person. The text of the play babbled and sang, "Father revised the way to drive the crane away, and for his mother, he called Yan Jun to close it.". Son, hell is too bitter and cold to live in. When will I save my mother.. The libretto is not an unfathomable thing, but a popular one, which seems to be neither fish nor fowl. However, the Buddhist sutras are precisely for the illiterate people to listen to, but also appropriate. Bao Wei got rid of Luo Huaiyi and asked about Xu Rushi's identity. Knowing that her mother was trapped, she added some pity. Seeing the drama of saving his mother, he was afraid that Xu Rushi would be sad, so he quietly asked someone to change it. Xu Rushi could not understand the strange singing at all. He was a little confused: "How can you change it if you sing well?" Bao Wei smiled and did not answer. Mother Chen brought the peach blossom drink she had just bought and the Spring Equinox. Xu Ru had just picked up a piece, but seeing a little brown mole on Bao's eyebrows reminded her of an old thing. At that time, the relationship between Qi Xingjian and her just got better. She found someone to dig out a jar of wine buried years ago from under an osmanthus tree in the yard. She and Qi Xingjian cooked the wine and laughed, and then sent some to Qi Taigong and Bao. Abalone ate wine, then all over the rash, a fine white flesh like congealed fat, the red spots scattered on the top like ferocious worms, to gnaw the good man. In fact, Xu suspected that Bao was only allergic, but there was no allergy in ancient times. In addition, Xiao Jichun had been at odds with Bao before,smart interactive whiteboard, and she later showed goodwill to Bao for a short time, so someone immediately guessed that Bao was on her head. Qi Xingjian's elder brother was furious and exerted pressure from the clan to remove her status as a clansman. Before Xu could react, he was escorted to the ancestral hall. hsdsmartboard.com