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King's Landing Korea Entertainment - Posted By Soto (soto2477) on 19th Dec 22 at 12:34am
Yeah, what's wrong. Miss your sister again, Heechul, what do you want to do, go to see the class again? Qiang Ren looked at Kim Hee Chul behind him with a teasing face and said with a smile. After seeing Kangin's smiling face, Kim Hee-chul immediately stood up from his seat, strangled his neck and said fiercely, "Really, why didn't I cooperate with Taeyeon? That child was raised by me with a bottle. Why did you cooperate with her? I'm so jealous." [Search for the latest updates at shuhaige. Com] "Ha ha." After hearing Kim Hee-chul's words, the members next to him could not help laughing. Shin Dong-hee followed Kim Hee-chul's words and said, "Yes, I just didn't change the diaper, did I?" "Go to hell." Kim Hee Chul strangled Qiang Ren's neck at the same time, by the way, he gave a kick to Shen Dongxi who had just spoken, and Shen Dongxi and Qiang Ren launched a counterattack against Kim Hee Chul, and finally stopped fighting under the shouts of captain Park Jung-soo. Forget it. I won't make trouble with you. I'll call Taeyeon and ask. After Kim Hee-chul returned to his seat, he took out his cell phone in his pocket and dialed Kim Tae-yeon's phone. At the same time, Jun Yuxuan, who had been running in the hospital for half an hour, had just sat down and was ready to take good care of the patient in bed. Who knew that he heard the phone ringing, so he immediately picked up her cell phone from the head of Kim Tae-yeon's bed, pressed the answer button, and then looked at her carefully and found that she was still sleeping well. Finally,gear reduction motor, after tiptoeing out of the ward, he dared to answer, "Hello." After hearing the phone call, Kim Hee-chul immediately said a word, but the other end of the phone did not respond to himself, and he could only hear some very small sounds, such as the sound of breathing, and the sound of what seemed to be water droplets. Finally, after a minute or so,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, he heard a voice coming over, but it was a male voice, "Oh, hello." Isn't this Kim Tae-yeon's phone? May I ask who is calling? When Kim Hee Chul heard that it was a male voice, he did not immediately scold, but questioned it rationally. After hearing this, Jun Yuxuan took his cell phone to his eyes and looked at the display, and found that it was Kim Hee-chul's number, "Oh, it's brother Hee-chul, I'm Yuxuan." "Yuxuan?"? Aren't you missing? How did you get Taeyeon's phone? Where is she? Kim Hee-chul immediately asked with his eyes wide open after hearing Jun Yu-hsuan's words. But when Jun Yuxuan heard Kim Hee-chul say he was missing, he immediately answered, "What, brother Hee-chul, when I disappeared, I don't know." "Oh, that's what Soo-yeon told me." Kim Hee Chul was honest enough to betray Jung Soo-yeon, small geared motors ,24v Gear Motor, and then asked, "By the way, how did you get Taeyeon's cell phone? Isn't she recording a radio station?"? Where are the people? Later, Jun Yuxuan explained what had just happened to Kim Hee-chul. Of course, he simply said the process, "That's it. We are in the hospital now, and Taeyeon has just gone to sleep." Kim Hee-chul, who was in the car, did not say anything, but the expression on his face showed all his inner feelings. Anger, this is Kim Hee-chul's first feeling at this time, just said Kim Tae-yeon is his own raised child, but, even she has a high fever do not know, if it were not for Jun Yuxuan, he really can not believe what Kim Tae-yeon will become with a high fever of 39 degrees for a night. Which hospital are you in now? After a few minutes of silence, Kim Hee-chul finally asked. Jun Yuxuan also told him the name of the hospital he was in, and then reminded him in a low voice, "Brother Heechul, Taeyeon just slept, if you want to see her, or come back tomorrow morning, when you come now.." After waiting for Jun Yuxuan to finish speaking, Kim Hee-chul hung up the phone, and then told the agent who was driving in front of him about the hospital. He closed his eyes, ignored the members' questions, and said lightly, "Taeyeon has a high fever and is in hospital. Yuxuan is accompanying her. We are going there now.".
After hearing Kim Hee-chul's words, the people in the car did not ask any more questions. After a while, the atmosphere in the car became depressed. Ten minutes later, Kim Hee-chul and others finally arrived at the hospital gate, Kim Hee-chul saw arrived at the hospital, immediately drilled out from behind, even sitting at the door of the car Qiangren did not get off as fast as he did, he immediately rushed to the hospital. When Park Jung-soo saw this, he shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Every time Donghae or Taeyeon has an accident, Heechul is always like this. I really don't know him." As he spoke, he and Qiang Ren went out of the car. But only these two people can be called Heechul. Shin Dong-hee slowly got out of the car door and said softly. Qiang Ren looked at the door of the hospital and found that Kim Hee Chul's figure had already disappeared, so he asked, "Brother Litt, Hee Chul has disappeared.". How can we find a place later? "Ask the front desk. Come on, let's go in." Park Jung-soo conveniently took a hat out of the car and took the two of them to the door of the hospital. Kim Hee-chul, who had gone in earlier, was already standing in front of Jun Yuxuan. Looking at Kim Tae-yeon who was resting with his eyes closed on the hospital bed, Kim Hee-chul's worries and anger when he came disappeared, leaving only heartache and sadness. After looking at Kim Tae-yeon in front of him, Kim Hee chul slowly turned around and walked out of the ward. Jun Yuxuan naturally followed him. When they came out of the room, the three of them finally found the room. Oh, Woo-hyun, how's Taeyeon? As soon as Shen Dongxi saw Jun Yuxuan, he immediately patted him on the shoulder and asked softly. Well, it's all right. The doctor said it would be better to rest for a few more days. I also told Uncle Xiuman to push her schedule. Then she wanted to work and didn't have a job for her. Jun Yuxuan turned his head,Small Geared Motors, looked at Shen Dongxi's fat face, and said with a smile. Yuxuan, you tell me carefully what happened today. Kim Hee Chul leaned against the wall and said with a calm face. ichgearmotor.com