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"No, no." When Princess Dunsu got this sentence, she felt at ease, but she refused and said with a smile, "Let's wait for my unworthy thing to heal the wound and let others see it. If they like it, the emperor will marry them again. It's better than that. If they don't like it.." Although the county king and the county princess dare not say anything, in the end it is not good. Qi Xiao nodded and smiled. "Well, let's wait until my aunt and Prince Chun's mansion have discussed it." "Well, the emperor has now given him such a great grace, with such a good job, I think the king of Chun County can also be satisfied, in fact, ah." Princess Dunsu lowered her voice and smiled bitterly. "I heard what Princess Chun meant, and I was willing to settle down for my little daughter earlier. The body of the old prince of Chun." It's really not good. Qi Xiao put down the teacup and said in a low voice, "I've already asked the Imperial Physician before, and I said.." "After this summer, the autumn will be safe." Princess Dunsu shook her head and sighed, "But I saw it a few days ago, not to mention autumn, I'm afraid it's the summer capital.." Alas, it is also fate. In his early years, Chun Lao Wang Ye saw that he had been the abbot of Qi Xiao. After that, Qi Xiao let the hundred blades go in southern Xinjiang. The old Wang Ye was confused. He also choked the emperor several times when he entered the palace on crutches. He was already kind enough to do this. Qi Xiao said lightly, "In the future.." An honor is indispensable to the old prince. Princess Dunsu nodded, hesitated and said with a smile,uns s32760 plate, "Speaking of this, I remember.." How is the one in Dexin Palace now? Qi Xiao hooked his lips with a smile: "Every day and every night, I dare not treat him slowly." DunSu big long princess in the heart secretly cold, since QiXiao after ascended the throne to "hot summer days" on the grounds of QiJing moved to the Dexin palace, Dexin palace Dexin palace, palace life sounds good, but before this is actually a guilty place where the imperial concubine lived, when the imperial concubine lived in the palace for thirteen years, when she finally died has not been human,x60 line pipe, since then it has become a cold palace. Princess Ren Dunsu, who has lived in the palace for half a lifetime, has never been there, which shows its obscurity. QiXiao external said QiJing need to rest, so never allow people to visit, what is the situation DunSu big long princess don't know, she just listen to a day to send medicine there little eunuch mentioned, said there are often screams, especially at night when the infiltration, serve QiJing doctor is still Liu court judge, before Liu court judge will occasionally speak of QiJing, But now every time someone beat around the Bush when Liu yuan sentence are silent, the emperor now how the body and so on is Dunsu long princess also have no way to know, she only know Qi Xiao before with Liu yuan sentenced to death. No matter what, we can't let Qi Jing die. As for the rest, Princess Dunsu didn't dare to think about it. It's not reasonable to mention this to the emperor, but since I bear the undeserved reputation of this aunt, I have to persuade the emperor a few words. Princess Dunsu smiled and stroked her temples, x70 line pipe ,uns s31803 sheet, pressing beads and twisting silk. Jinfeng chuckled and said, "The emperor is kind-hearted, and has always let Liu yuan judge and cure him, but." It's not that I speak badly. His body was already like that before. Unless he asked for Laojun's elixir, how much can he live? Princess Dunsu forced a smile and said, "The old prince Chun is not very good. The princess of the county knows that she has to start planning for her daughter. He's like that." I also have to persuade you, although he is not good, but in the end is to bear a name, he did not have, the emperor ignored the same how to return, the big wedding. It's better to plan ahead. Qi Xiao lowered his eyes and said with a smile, "I haven't seen my cousin for a long time. Counting the months.." She's heavy now. "Yes." Speaking of her eldest daughter, Princess Dunsu smiled all over her face. "Several doctors saw her and said that this child was still a brother. She was so frivolous that she sighed to me and said that she was not satisfied. There were several boys in front of her, but I didn't expect to get a girl!"! "Let me teach her a good lesson, I heard it, if the old lady heard it, she would not be angry and crooked nose!" Qi Xiao smiled gently: "I have a will to my cousin, if the in-laws know, I think my cousin will not be angry again.".
” Princess Dunsu smiled blankly. "What's the purpose?" Qi Xiao smiled faintly: "Now these big long princesses, counting the two too long princesses, only my aunt's status is valuable, and I was brought up by my aunt when I was young. So my aunt has made great contributions to the country. Now I have succeeded to the throne, and so many old ministers have been rewarded in front of me. I can't forget my aunt." Princess Dunsu shook her head again and again and sighed, "The emperor's words are too serious. Since you ascended the throne, how did you praise the He family and how did you praise my two sons? Didn't I see that?"? That's enough. Qi Xiao shook his head and smiled: "Aunt is polite." I have the intention to give my aunt a big gift, but now my aunt's status is too important to be valuable. I have no choice but to give this grace to my aunt's children. Qi Xiao stroked the amulet on his waist and said slowly, "Cousin Fang He.." Su Yong Demao, Wen Yi Gong Shu, Tang Mu of the code, suppress constant rules, can seal Huaan princess, city thousand households. Princess Dunsu Dachang was so frightened that she quickly got up and declined. Without waiting for him to speak, Qi Xiao added, "Cousin He Shi, Duan Ning Shu Mei, Rou Ming Yu De, You Xian Li Xun, You Jing Shi Shi, can be named Princess Qianping, and also a thousand households in the city." As soon as Princess Dunsu's heart emptied, she hurriedly thanked her and said, "No, no, they've been ruined.." And they are so young that they don't have half a point in the country. Qi Xiao got up and took Princess Dunsu's hand and helped her sit down. Wen Yan said, "I just said that this grace is actually for my aunt, but my aunt is now the most noble princess. She can't be sealed, so she has sheltered my two cousins." Qi Xiao chuckled: "I have already ordered the Ministry of Rites, and the two orders will be issued in a few days, so that my cousin can feel at ease to raise the fetus, but also.." An extra layer of help in my cousin's marriage. Princess Dunsu could not refuse, so she had to agree. After a while, she shook her head and said with a wry smile, "First I was promoted to the official position of the emperor's son-in-law, and then I vigorously promoted several sons of the He family. After that, I found such a good future for Ziren. Now.." Your Majesty,316 stainless steel plate, how can I get by in my heart? Holding Princess Dunsu's hand, Qi Xiao whispered, "Since I ascended the throne.." My aunt never called me Xiao'er again. 。 lksteelpipe.com