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Personalization: to meet the individual needs of c - Posted By Witter (witter) on 11th Jan 23 at 1:21am
Original Title: Personalization: Meet the Individual Needs of Customers What is the most remarkable feature of this era? Obviously, personalization is one of the most distinctive labels. In today's extremely rich products, consumers fully grasp the right to speak, I like is my favorite, this concept has become the mainstream of consumption concept, it can be said that the era of personalized consumption has quietly arrived. The commodities on the market are dazzling, and the corresponding consumer clothing, food, housing and transportation are also varied, various styles and styles emerge in endlessly, dazzling. Perhaps we think that the choice of the other party is somewhat "eye-catching", but in a specific person's ideological understanding,bespoken tape measure, this "eye-catching" choice is the embodiment of personal style, and the difference can also show the personality incisively and vividly. Therefore, when we go to work one day, we suddenly find that our clothes are the same as those of a colleague in the unit,keychain tape measure, then the embarrassment and injustice will fill our chest in an instant, and we can't wait to get off work and change clothes before coming to work. This is the most typical example of the era of personalized consumption, and it also implies that consumers strongly demand their own psychological demands. Therefore, the phenomenon of individualized consumption is not only an economic phenomenon, but also a deep-seated cultural phenomenon. Observing social life carefully, we can find that the complicated parallel culture has broken the popular culture that used to dominate the world, and the psychological needs and thinking consciousness of consumers are becoming more and more diversified. For example, in the automotive industry, manufacturers used to decide the design style of models according to their own ideas, personalized tape measure ,printed tape measure, and then look for a celebrity endorsement, which will soon open up the market and become a popular phenomenon. But now this situation has changed a lot, simply relying on a star can "lead the way" situation no longer exists, consumers can support a certain model according to their personal preferences, the "favorite" in the eyes of others may be no longer common in the eyes of others. So you can love your Mercedes, and I love my BMW. How will we deal with the strong individual needs of consumers? Undoubtedly, it is the most important thing to meet the needs of consumers'personalized development and strengthen consumers' sense of participation in product design and R & D. Therefore, we can build a platform, or conduct a survey of social consumer demand, so that consumers can participate in it and meet their personalized and diversified demand awareness, so that we can take the lead in occupying the market. Just like the automobile industry mentioned just now, manufacturers can further fully develop the interests and hobbies of consumers in the future, listen to their suggestions and opinions, so as to listen to the personalized demands of consumers in a set of facilities such as car models, interior decoration, safety settings, and meet the needs of consumers. Then there will be great business opportunities. I have done training on consumers' personalized needs in an enterprise specializing in mobile power bank. At that time, the business bottleneck faced by this enterprise was that it did not respond enough to the changes in the market. The quality of the products produced by the enterprise was not a problem at all, but it was not novel and unique enough. At my suggestion, the company involved consumers through various channels, even through questionnaires, and then analyzed their internal needs of personality, and finally made great changes in style and appearance design, and finally achieved good market sales results. Personalized and diversified consumer demand also makes this era more colorful, and consumers have the right and obligation to influence the design, development, production and sales of products. Therefore, as an enterprise,bra tape measure, we must pay attention to the change of this new situation, and always regard enhancing the sense of participation of consumers as the top priority of marketing work. If the direction is clear, the next step can be carried out in a solid way. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. tape-measure.com