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The three masters were surprised, and their eyes were wide open. The mysterious past of the sword made them curious, and everyone wanted to see it. Thus, The "King of Xiangjiang" first asked, "Can I borrow this treasure?" Yue Tien-lei had a deep affection for all three of them. After a short pause, he nodded his head and said, "All right!"! Unfortunately, there is nothing to see. Then the cloth belt on his chest was pulled out, and the "Sky Thunder Strange Sword" was removed from his shoulder. As soon as the three of them looked at it, they could not help but be shocked and amazed. In particular, the sword hilt is wrapped with cloth tendons, and the scabbard is in a special form, so it is not easy to understand and ask more questions. Thus, "Xiangjiang King" gave a dry cough, then turned around and said, "Shaoxia, the appearance of this sword is really worthy of the name. It is worthy of the word'strange '.." "It doesn't look like a sword," echoed the leader of the Beggar's Pai. "It looks like a stone stick.." Then even the Flying Phosphorus Sword stroked his beard and said, "Brother Yue, you can't see it clearly. Why don't you pull it out?" "Sorry!" Yue Tianlei's face was solemn. He threw back his sword and said, "To tell you the truth, you three, you can't pull out this sword now. We'll have to talk about it later." The three of them saw from his expression that there was a reason for the incident, so they stopped asking. But the "King of Xiangjiang" made another request, saying, "Shaoxia, I heard that you met Emperor Wu and got the Golden Hand of the Heavenly Dragon. I've been separated from Master Ji for many years,dap diammonium phosphate, so I want to see the Golden Hand, which is the same as seeing him." "Good!" Yue Tianlei took it out according to his words and carefully handed it to the other party. The "King of the Xiangjiang River" misses people when he sees things, and when he thinks of the time when he and "Emperor Wu" swept away the demons, he can't help but feel the past and present of his great life. He actually saw God himself, and felt a sense of loss there. Originally, Yue Tianlei was very anxious to leave immediately, but the other side looked at the golden hand solemnly, and he could not interrupt. While waiting, the tiger gazed back and gazed with deep emotion at the "Wushan Labyrinth," casting a glimpse of what it was like before it left. As soon as he turned his head,Magnesium Oxide MgO, the "Flying Phosphorus Sword" subconsciously turned his body sideways and looked at it. But His eyes, however, stopped at another angle, looking straight at the grotesque rocks of the "Outer Six Peaks." He frowned and said nothing. Just when no one was paying attention. "Flying Phosphorus Sword" suddenly gave a low roar of excitement, and then his body whirled straight into the array, and his arms circled, shooting out ten flying swords. This move is really sudden. But with the high skill of the people, there is something strange about the governor, and the enemy must appear. Looking back, I've already seen another figure lurking in the "Wushan" stone circle under the full sword! At the same time, the "Flying Phosphorus Sword" was like a ghost, and the man followed the sword out with a cry in his mouth: "Masked Man, you're here too!" The voice of the cry was not high. But when Yue Tianlei turned around, he was like Jiao Lei on the flat ground, and his mind was shocked! Because he knew that since the masked men were refining their swords in the "Black Mountain," they could not come separately, and even if they came, they could not enter the "Wushan" stone circle! So, There is no doubt that this hidden enemy must have come in the person of "Emperor Wu.". Blood feud! Big hate! In a flash, calcium ammonium nitrate price ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, his heart welled up and he was extremely excited. Moreover, if the "Flying Phosphorus Sword" is used rashly, it is bound to lead to bad luck. As a result, a sudden twist of the body, straight to the front, that kind of fast method, really stunning. In a volley, He also saw the strong wind in the array, which was almost visible. The air column gathered by Zhenyuan swept away thousands of troops, shaking the mountains and chestnut mountains, and swept hard into the flying swords. Hearing the sound of the clank of the wrist, it was like the sound of a bell, and ten fantastic flying daggers, all like a sea of mud cattle, fell into the stone circle. And the "Flying Phosphorus Sword" himself, with another roar of anger, unexpectedly broke into the battle array regardless of everything. "Oops!" Yue Tien-lei was in a cold sweat, and before he could hear the sound, he said, "Bang!" But there was a loud noise and the dust covered the sky. The tall body of the "Flying Phosphorus Sword" was like a fallen leaf following the wind, and the starry ground was shaken so that it drew a half-arc in the air, and the bloody arrow fell to the ground like rain. It's too late to say, but it's too soon. From the discovery of the enemy to the tragic death of the "Flying Phosphorus Sword," it was all in the blink of an eye. Although Yue Tien-lei was a little slow, he came one after another, and even the two gang leaders, the "Beggar" and the "Platoon," joined hands to follow.
But As soon as he entered the ranks, The masked man slanted, as if unwilling to meet him face to face, and displayed his incomparable flying skills. Instead, he carried back three rocks and turned to the left like a ghost. Yue Tianlei looked at each other's back, Rao is a black robe cover body, also can not help a cold mind, greatly excited. Just as he was about to step forward, he saw the two gang leaders stepping into Wushan Mountain. They looked so frightened and worried that they couldn't find their own direction and seemed to get lost. In the midst of his busy schedule, he didn't have time to elaborate on anything else, so he quickly turned his head and said, "Every three to the left!" The upper body of the horse is like a comet walking in the sky, stepping on the Chiao footwork of "reversing the five elements," like electricity. That strange guest, the skill is extremely high, the foot distance is also quick. But He still doesn't have a deep understanding of the matrix, and he has been floating for more than half a mile, always using the method of "turning left every three times.". So turn? A few bends He was rushed to the front by Yue Tianlei. As soon as the two sides met, they were surprised in unison, and they were all shocked! Especially Yue Tianlei, He immediately drew his sword with both hands, his lips twitched, and the hatred in the tiger's eyes was chilling. It turned out that the masked man was no one else. It turned out to be the extremely sinister and extremely powerful "Wu Huang." Not only did he sneak into "Wu Mountain," but his behavior was extremely mysterious. In this way, The atmosphere in the field was extremely tense. Yue Tianlei first gritted his teeth and hated the sound, which was like frost: Evil thief! Now that you've entered Wushan, don't dream of running away. You can't escape for the rest of your life just by'turning to the left every three times. ' "Hey, hey, hey, hey!" The other side stood a cruel smirk, saying: "Yue Xiaozi, this emperor has the virtue of loving life, but you have come to seek death,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, and this time -- hum!"! Hum! I have nothing more to confess to you. "Don't you want to ask any more questions about the Four Swords of Wushan?" Ha! People are dead, and there is no need to ask. As soon as Yue Tien-lei heard this, he was immediately moved by his scheming and remembered the words of "Wu Shan Yan Feng.". stargrace-magnesite.com