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Archaic God King - Posted By Deborah (deborah) on 7th Dec 22 at 12:56am
Xiahou heart shock, from the fire palace Lord eyes are showing strange light, the emperor is so strong, and then go on like this, will really be able to impact the top ten seats. Next, the battle continued to break out, every battle was eliminated, the emperor defeated the tomb keeper in this battle, and shocked many people, when another round of battle ended, unconsciously, on the high platform, there were only fifteen people left, as long as five more were eliminated, there would be ten seats. Helan Yuntian's heart trembled and he said in a low voice, "Maybe he can get into the top ten with only one battle." "Top ten." Helan Qiuyue beautiful eyes flashed a strange light, then, and a continuous outbreak of fighting, to the surprise of Helan's people, there was still no one to challenge the emperor, in a twinkling of an eye, there were only eleven people left, eleven people on the high platform were silent, no one took the initiative to come out, only one person out, the top ten will be born. If no one challenges the emperor in this battle, he will enter the top ten directly,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and there is no need for a battle! PS: Thanks for the reward of Youyou Beauty. It seems that the wood wind was also red before. Thank you. Two more are sent, and there are updates in the evening! (End of this chapter) Chapter 1620 strong crushing (third watch). ? A vast battlefield There were only eleven people left, and the void fell silent again. Today's situation is that the remaining eleven people are extraordinary immortal emperors, either the top immortal emperors who have been famous for a long time, or the peerless Tianjiao, the peerless figure. If we say that the weakest person in the eleven people is the emperor of the middle rank immortal emperor, but even if he is the emperor, he still has a great reputation in the city of fire. In addition to the emperor, the other ten people, without exception,brushed stainless steel sheet, are all the forces of longevity city to cultivate the strong. It can be imagined that the city of longevity as the absolute center of the world of longevity, how strong, here, gathered all the strongest school forces, those powerful figures, naturally from here. The rest of the people are very proud and confident, but they are not arrogant, they also know each other's strength, in addition to a few absolute pride that they do not need to fight and no one dares to challenge the existence, the other few people are not absolutely sure to defeat others, and now the distance from the top ten is only one step away, only need to eliminate one person. Of course, they want to be steady and do not act rashly. Although there is only one place difference between the top ten and the top eleven, the meaning is completely different. This feast only takes the top ten, and the Lord of Longevity only awards the top ten. As for the eleventh person, he will only be a loser and forgotten. Even with his strong strength, he still attracts the attention of the Palace of Longevity, but his name will eventually be forgotten in history. There will be no name for him, and there will be an important missing note on his resume. Quiet for a moment, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, still no one spoke, only to hear Xuanyuan Tiangang Xuanyuan: "Silence is not the way, after all, there are two people to go out to fight, is it true that I want to go out to challenge one person?"? In that case, don't blame me for challenging anyone. This voice is very overbearing and direct. Obviously, Xuanyuan Tiangang is very confident. He thinks he shouldn't be eliminated. In fact, he is also the top figure. He is super terrible. Most people here understand that if Xuanyuan Tiangang comes out and chooses them, nine times out of ten they will be out. Therefore, it's better not to let Xuanyuan Tiangang play. No one knows who he will choose. That's right, walk out by yourself. The sword ion of the sword soul sect also opened his mouth. He spoke with his eyes closed, but the tone of his voice was so domineering that it gave people a feeling of great confidence. Of the eleven players, the one with the lowest level will come out by himself and challenge one person at will. If he wins, he will be in the top ten, and if he loses, he will be out. The divine son of the Dragon Sect, the divine son of the Dragon, opened his mouth. Although he did not name names, who would not know who he was referring to? Here eleven people, only one person is the middle rank immortal emperor, the realm of the lowest person, is obviously the emperor, he let the emperor take the initiative to choose a person to fight. Emperor Tian opened his closed eyes, glanced at the Son of the Dragon, and said, "You can just come out and pick out people yourself. Why do you have to ask others to come out?"? If you want to pick me, I don't mind.
” This was already a provocation. The son of the heavenly dragon looked like a demon, and his domineering spirit was unparalleled. His eyes were like the eyes of a divine dragon. He said, "I gave you the initiative, but I didn't know what was good or bad." "In that case, I should like to thank you." The emperor sneers at one: "Before already several people all thought that the realm is low should be out of the game, the result how, now, you unexpectedly also have such idea, then, I also helped you." As he spoke, the Emperor of Heaven came out of the curtain of light and looked directly at the Son of the Dragon and said, "You are the only one." Tianlong Shengzi eyes shot out a terrible demon awn, in addition to the emperor outside the ten people, he Tianlong Shengzi absolutely can not be regarded as the weakest, I believe the emperor himself can see that Xuanyuan Tiangang and sword ions have opened their mouths, overbearing he then directly named the emperor, let him pick a challenge, but he did not expect that the emperor was so impulsive, directly chose him. Doesn't he know the danger of doing so? Or does he not care about the top ten position? "Master Di Tian is really proud." The sea of clouds in Helan sighed. Mmm. Helan Yuntian nodded slightly, his eyebrows suddenly wrinkled up, as if thinking about something, of course, he knew that the emperor was a very proud man, which he knew from the storm he made in the city of fire, even Xiahou had forced him to do so did not let him submit, made a storm in the city, commanding the government scandal spread all over the city of fire. Later, he Helan Shi made a move to coerce the emperor, finally let the emperor compromise, stand in his Helan Shi side, at that time he was quite proud, coupled with the friendship of the emperor in recent days and the relationship between Helan Qiuyue, he seems to have gradually forgotten how to force the emperor to submit,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, but with the deepening understanding of the emperor nowadays, as well as his strong talent and combat effectiveness, Helan Yuntian suddenly felt something was wrong. It's too simple. It's too simple for the emperor to compromise with Helan at the beginning. It shouldn't be. sxthsteel.com