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Revolution in the Soul (Grave Robbery) Author: Fei - Posted By Kerns (kerns) on 7th Dec 22 at 1:13am
The young priest went all the way through the war-torn village and entered the wall of the ancient city: "Let your mother go, and I will stay." "You are a young priest," said the clansman! You are in charge of the descendants of the Di people. Without you, the spirits of our ancestors will not protect the prosperity of our people! Holding Zhang Hui's hand, one big and one small stood at the city gate. "I didn't see this scene," said Zhan Xing. Zhang Hui said, "Let's follow him. Don't let go of my hand, or you will be driven out by the memory here." Zhang Hui took the exhibition line and followed behind the young priest, like two people who had nothing to do with the world. Those left behind along the way were all warriors of the Bo people, who either held bronze daggers on their chests or used leather shields to protect their chests, and saluted the young priest with a clear cup. When the young priest walked up to a stone temple, the light immediately dimmed, and the braziers around him were burning, reflecting a beautiful woman in the stone chair under the altar. Zhang Hui: "Mother, do you remember her appearance?" Exhibition line: "Quite like." Then he looked at Chang Hui and the young priest, as if comparing their faces, and said, "You look a little like Qing yuan." Zhang Hui smiled. Young priest also smiled: "You go, I stay." "How can I do that?" My mother said angrily! It was agreed that your two brothers would go together. If you don't go, how can the blood of the people be passed on for thousands of years? The young priest took off his mask and sat down in front of the altar, looking at the brazier in a trance. In the ancient and mysterious temple, the strange gods of Bashu Kingdom are worshipped, and an ancient bronze tree reflects the magnificent light in the fire. The boat-mother did not care to say much to the young priest, but got up and called out. The young priest said, "Don't call out any more. I have sent them all to the city gate." "The mother sighed and sat back in her chair." Your brother has no way. He must lead his people away. "You are too capricious," said the boatwoman in a trance. "How much do you like my brother?" Asked the young priest? To make such a decision? They can fulfill each other's wishes by separating life and death forever. The boatwoman took one look at the young priest and said lightly, "You don't understand,ceramic bobbin heater core, Qingyuan." The young priest got up and said, "Go quickly and live with my brother." "What are you going to do?" She asked. The young priest stood under the tree and closed his eyes. In an instant, his clothes were flying. The bronze tree fell apart, the branches disintegrated, and the leaves drifted away. For a moment, the copper pieces with "cups" passed in front of Zhan Xing and Zhang Hui, opening the prelude of the war. Exhibition line: "She still did not go." Zhang Hui nodded: "Look at the magic weapon he used." At the height of the gate tower, the young priest picked up the copper leaf, which was covered with blood. A golden flying insect flew from the other side of the mountain, and the young priest was surrounded by silver. Zhang Hui said: "The star evil spirit is out of body, and the silver feather evil spirit on the clear cup flies out." Exhibition line: "What is the role?" Zhang Hui: "If you push his sorcery power to the peak, he will die in the end." "Clear cup-!" Cried the distant high priest in pain, and the sound came through a hundred miles of blue sky. The young priest closed his eyes, and Jin Gu bumped into his shoulder several times to take Yin Gu away, Ceramic Bobbin ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, as if imploring him to leave with him. However, Yin Gu was indifferent several times, and finally his wings broke off with a buzz, turning into a pupa and sinking into the young priest's forehead. The mother watched this scene from a distance, and finally turned around and lifted her skirt, walked down the gate tower, and quietly stepped into the altar in the middle of the city. The young priest said, "Why don't you go?" The boatwoman answered in a low voice, "Someone has to stay." "That's me," said the Young Priest in a deep voice. Mother: "Just, all stay, you are dead, I and he are together, forever do not feel at ease." Exhibition line: "Well, how to become cannon fodder, NIA?"? " Zhang Hui: "…" Zhang Hui: "She is pretty, isn't she?" Zhan Xing nodded, and Zhang Hui added, "No wonder my brother likes her." Exhibition line: "It's his brother, not your brother." Zhang Hui said: "When I was young, I saw this memory for a long time, and when I grew up, I gradually understood what was going on." Exhibition line: "Your elder brother did not explain to you?" Zhang Hui said lightly, "He can't see it. Only when I bring you in can you see it all.".
” Zhan Xing nodded and said, "He should be looking at the mask of the high priest." Zhang Hui interrupted, "Well, you should have seen everything after that. Let's go." Zhan Xing suddenly smiled. Zhang Hui asked, "What are you laughing at?" Exhibition line says: "You two are very interesting, change look not good?" Zhang Hui wiped his palm and pushed away the mirror image in front of him. They returned to the house. Zhang Hui breathed a sigh of relief and said, "Why bother?"? People's standpoints are different. Sometimes, it's better not to see too much. "Don't quarrel with your brother again," said Zhanxing. Zhang Hui got up with a hum and said, "Let's go. See you later, Xiaojian." Zhanxing stood in front of the door for a while, feeling rather uncomfortable. He went back to bed and slept. In the middle of the night, someone gently opened the door and came in and kissed Zhanxing on the lips. Are you back? Zhan Xing asked in a daze. Lin Jingfeng's body was full of sweat. He took off his clothes and got into the quilt naked. Zhan Xing held him in his arms. Lin Jingfeng was so tired that he said, "It's all tidied up." Zhan Xing sobered up a little and rubbed against Lin Jingfeng's face: "You stink to death..." Lin Jingfeng said with a smile, "Zhang Shuai is back, too.". Take a shower tomorrow. Make do with it. It's smelly. At least it's your own husband. Holding Lin Jingfeng's chirp, Zhanxing went to sleep. Three days later. Zhang Shuai finished the big and small matters inside the door and personally sent several people to Kaili. Zhang Shuai said with a smile, "You have to say goodbye again. Third Master, take care of yourself." Lin Jingfeng, with his bag on his back, clenched his fist and touched Zhang Shuai lightly: "You too." Zhan Xing squatted on the side of the road, a little reluctant to part with Tang You: "You're going back now. Uncle Hong,10g Ozone Generator, did they beat you?"? If you're bullied. Tang You rolled his eyes. "Do you think it's you?"? Master Ben doesn't need to be beaten like you, okay? They beat me. What can you do? When the chicken is pinched to death without fighting back. Here, this is for you. Tang You pulled out a swarthy board from his backpack: "Are you going to settle down in Beijing?"? This can be used for transition. Exhibition line: "Cutting board?" 。 global-ceramics.com